Lockouts are the majority of emergency Locksmith calls a Locksmith receives. It is easy to run out of the house, locking the door behind you, forgetting your keys, or jump out of the car, locking the door to the car, leaving your keys in the ignition. If a friend or family member doesn’t have a spare set of keys to bring you, or you don’t have a key hidden, you will likely need to call a Locksmith.

If you are locked out of your home, consider the following tips to be prepared, as well as the best ways to get back into your home safely, avoiding the cost of a Locksmith.

1. Be prepared. The best time to do your homework on a Locksmith is before you need one. Get familiar with the Locksmiths in your area and interview a few, so when the need for a Locksmith arises, you have a reputable and reliable Locksmith to call that you know is affordable.

2. Ask for the specifics. Never trust a Locksmith company that doesn’t answer their phone with a greeting followed by their company name, or answers with a phrase like “Locksmith service”. This is a sign of a scam Locksmith. Always ask for the legal name of the business, as well as their physical address to verify they are legit.

3. Confirm your rates. Some companies advertise outrageously low rates. Before you enlist the services of the Locksmith companies, not only get a quote, confirm that all upfront costing on the work to be performed is quoted, and there won’t be any additional service fees or charges on completion of the job.

4. Know whom you are working with. When a Locksmith arrives at your home, ask the Locksmith for their company identification, as well as the licence number of the Locksmith.

5. The Locksmith should show up in a marked vehicle. It is seldom that a reputable Locksmith will show up in an unmarked vehicle.

6. Be sure that the Locksmith’s first option is to pick the lock. Seldom will a Locksmith be unable to pick a lock, so this should almost always be the Locksmith’s first option as one who doesn’t first try to pick the lock is likely a scam Locksmith trying to inflate the cost of the job.

How to Find a Reputable Locksmith

When searching for a reputable Locksmith, you should look for a Locksmith that offers the following:

• A Locksmith who is licenced and bonded

• A Locksmith with plenty of years and experience in the business

• A Locksmith with an outstanding reputation

• A Locksmith that is within close distance to your home or office

• A Locksmith that is affordable

• A Locksmith that offers 2 hour emergency Locksmith services

One great way to research Locksmiths is on the Internet. Most Locksmith will have a site on the Internet which offers background information on the Locksmith like the number of years they’ve been in service, the areas they service, their licence number and contact information.

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